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For centuries in cities, across the world, wherever and whenever people are feeling any sense of inequality and suffering, many find a way of expressing themselves through the artistic and creative arts. Great works of art have been conceived in times of inequality, through the mediums of poetry, drama, painting, music, film and any other form of creative expression one may think of, individuals and whole communities have risen up with a strong voice that can be heard above the crowd. It is proven that community pride and neighbourhood cohesion is achieved through the communities themselves sharing their thoughts and ideas in order to find a voice through creativity, one that expresses itself through the artistic form and allows the people involved to gain respect and understanding which, in turn, fuels a powerful sense of community and individuality. People begin to feel healthier, less isolated and gain a greater sense of self worth.

Cut to the Chase believe that by working in collaboration through a creative and organic process we can bring about positive change whilst at the same time building and developing relationships between communities, artists, spaces and organisations.

People are at the heart of the Cut to the Chase Education and Community philosophy, a philosophy which aims to bring about positive change as well as provide an opportunity for individuals to express themselves and their opinions on a Global platform. This process supports the work produced and promotes it to a city wide audience and beyond. Four Corners provides the catalyst for positive change.

Here are some of the most recent and key projects that Cut to the Chase have undertaken in this area:

BLOOD WEDDING – 2008 – By working in collaboration with the Everyman and Playhouse education department, Cut to the Chase Education Director Peter Whitby, Rebecca Heyes Project Manager, Designer Olivia du Monceau and Artistic Director Jen Heyes. CttC produced an education pack to accompany the production and underpin the work of schools, colleges and universities who were either studying the play, Lorca’s work or producing it’s own production. Jen Heyes also ran a series of workshops in North West Schools and colleges as well as a Page to Stage at the Playhouse Theatre Liverpool. The education pack is still available to download for FREE. Feedback from Professor Susan Russell from Gettysburg College, who is researching for a production that she is directing next fall. She is also teaching the play in class as well :

WOW!! This is a TERRIFIC resource!! THANKS SO MUCH!!

GRACIAS!! Susan Russell

The Everyman and Playhouse education and outreach department ran a whole host of community and outreach activities based around the production from learning Flamenco dancing, cooking authentic Spanish food to creative writing based around inspiration and understanding of Lorca’s work and Spanish culture

FOUR CORNERS – 2010 – The BlueCoat arts Centre – Creative Producer/Director Jen Heyes.  Exhibition Designer, Amanda Stoodley. Performers Eithne Browne, Brian Dodd. Dancer -Anthony Kirk


In 2010 Jen Heyes as the creative producer and director joined forces with designer Amanda Stoodley to produce the large scale eshibition at The Bluecoats Art Centre for Four Corner. Four Corners is a  ground-breaking arts project which continues to push boundaries. It is Culture Liverpool’s major city wide participation programme which seeks to examine the quality of life in Liverpool’s communities through and artistic collaborative process incorporating theatre,creative writing, design,visual arts and many other creative mediums

FOUR CORNERS –  2011  THESE STREETS – Winner of the Clapperboard Awards 2011

The film is now distributed via National and International Short Film Festivals.

Watch a Flash version here

In 2011 as one of the 6  arts organisations commissioned to deliver the Culture Liverpool Four Corners 2011 Project, Jen Heyes commissioned organisations Clapperboard and the culturally diverse and groundbreaking young people’s youth organisation  TIBER (under the direction of youth worker Steven Nze) to work in partnership with Cut to the Chase to produce the short film THESE STREETS inspired by the Terence Davies film “Of Time and The City”.

The professional team included writer Colette Kane, director Anthony Swords, film maker Jo Lewis, editors Flasheart Films and composer, performer and youth music worker Julian Gill with his young male harmony group, Positive Impact, and Hector Peterson Court.

The young people from TIBER and the Unity Youth Group, worked alongside the professional team to form their own production company.

THESE STREETS is a montage of poetry, image, conversation and original music, fusing the past with the present; whilst taking us on a journey through Liverpool’s Lodge Lane. The narrative for the film was created through a series of creative workshops with the young people and the professional artistic team. A work placement for student photogrrapher Louis Foster on the project meant that he produced his first ever public photographic exhibition at LJMU as part of the Four Corners exhibition


  • Positive Impact who sang the original soundtrack to the film live at the awards ceremony at the Lowry Arts Centre have since gone on to be invited to engage in other high profile youth events and are going from strength to strength under the direction of Julian Gill.
  • TIBER have a new film in production at present under the direction of young film maker Whitney Smith
  • Our fabulous writer Colette Kane has nurtured the acting career development of Nyra Gifford who has since gone on to pass the audition and secure a place at the Everyman Youth Theatre.
  • THESE STREETS is being submitted to short film festivals nationally and internationally
  • As winners all the young people will be VIP guests at Pinewood studios in November 2011

Writer – Colette Kane, Youth Worker – Colin Farell, Director – Anthony Swords & Shannon Simon, Creative Director – Jen Heyes , Camera – Whittney Smith & Jo Lewis (Jo Lewis Productions),Youth Music worker – Julian Gill, Youth Worker – Steven Nze, Editors – Rick Curtis & Stuart Bedford ( Flasheart Films), Work Placement Photographer– Louis Foster, Publicity Design – Rhian Askins

Neighbourhood management team  – Bill Oshinibosi, William Maxwell, Gail Goodwin


Whittney Smith, Cherise Smith, Nyra Gifford, Thyra Clarke Graham, Anna Leigh, Marnie Simon, Shannon Simon, Shakur Nze, Dylan Vassalo, Verdel Nze, Otys Parris Courtlan, Austin Daryl Martin, Sadie Julienne, Yoshi Orourke, Nicole Emi, Taniqua Fearon, Tyler Reid


Thomas Cowperthwaite, Ben Sharples, Kaine Ofoeme, Akia Jones

The Residents of Hector Peterson Court Sheltered Housing

Thanks to Debbie Wright  – Director The Greenhouse  Project

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